Velg en side

This year I’ll be more active in this blog. Not that this year will be a “low burn”-year. I’ve already started a cooperation with teachers in Spain, France and Sweden.

During the year we shall meet and exchange ideas in entrepreneurial education, as well as implementing and developing new methodologies for ICT in education. Can’t wait.

Another great news is my second year as an Microsoft Expert Educator Fellow. I’m humbled to be included in a small selection of educators that have (hopefully) shown great practice in the use of technology and innovation in the classroom.

I’m also a Surface fan (and Expert). Nowadays I really feel like I know the Surface-devices after using them in education since the first release of the Surface Pro.

Combined with the usual schooldays at Hafstad vgs. in Western Norway, some personal ambition in using more ICT (or better ICT, anyways), I’m looking forward to a great year in education.