Velg en side

Last year i got the opportunity to visit Rothaugen school in Bergen to learn about their use of different technologies to make school more relevant and exciting. They use 3d-print, drones and gaming, mostly run on Surface 3-computers and portable devices.

I got to interview the students about their daily school day, and they where mostly unified in their opinion: The use of technology was an inspiration for their school work, and led to greater insight and comprehension about difficult subjects.

The school have a gym that are being used for flying and driving drones. The students have to use maths to program the drones to perform tricks and perform tasks, that are all guided by their teachers. The goal is to enhance learning of science and maths. All in the common subjects.

Apart from using drones for math, they also used historical games to teach students about history, politics and religion.

Class of Surface

As part of a test project the school use Surface 3 for one of their classes. The devices are multimedia devices that can run the different applications the students need to do their daily learning activities, as well as train in using their schools more advanced tech.

The teachers involved in the project have  an entire class that use each their own Surface 3-device for Skyping with other countries, playing educational games, and working with digital texts in tools such as OneNote.

The film tell their stories

As part of my time at the school, I made a film about the use of technology with the students and teachers as narrators. They share their reflections and thoughts about the results and benefits of the project.

Below the Norwegian language version of the film.

And also included in this post, the English language version. They reflect the same material, bur are not the same since the films  are in different spoken languages.

For more information about the school, link here.