Velg en side

International cooperation is a wonderfull thing, and something that makes a lot of sense in a world that gets smaller all the time.During the week from 12th of March untill 18th of March myself, a fellow teacher at Hafstad vgs., and seven students visited the public school Sven Eriksonsgymnasiet in Borås, Sweden.

Four nations working as one
For a week we worked together with teachers and students from all over Europe, atleast from Spain, Sweden, France – and us from Norway. The main team was attending the regional Junior Achievement Young Enterprise fair in Åhaga, a nearby convention center.

Building a stand for the Norwegian team, with good help from the Swedish students.

During the two frist days Fredrik, Dan and Anna from Sven Eriksonsgymnasiet, helped the students work together and building knowledge and skills in sales, business plan creation and cooperation. They also helped the students prepare a common stand for all the students with room for each of their mini companies to show their skills and products.

Karyne from France had brought her students mini company that sold imported merchandise from Cuba and other countries.

Joan from Spain, that is also the main partner in our Eramus+ project had his students mini companies that sold both ButterStick and Sygnall. The first is just what it said on the package, the other a electronic device for finding people that suffer from bad memory – and solves a social problem. They later got to the nationals in Spain after doing great at their local trade fair.

Fredrik and Anna and their students from Sweden was of great help during preperations. During the fair they had their own stand and their own mini companies. They had a chance to qualify for the nationals, so they had to prepare their own materials for the competition.

Dan as judge and customer for the students exam in sales marketing before the fair.

During preperation for the fair, Dan helped the students prepare for selling their products during the fair. Each of the student teams had to prepare a sales presentation and was later tested for their exams by Dan himself. It was very interesting to be a part of the process.

Fair days at Åhaga
After two days with social time for the students, and hard work at school – the fair at Åhaga opened with hundred of mini companies competing in being the best mini company in the region. Our students – except the Swedish team, was not in the competition, since we where not from Sweden (an obvious reasons).

The students had a four meter long stand, divided but not apart, where they sold their products and answered questions from many students and adults visiting the fair. It was a very rewarding time for the students, and us teachers. Seeing students come together and perform after many days of working with their companies and sales skills.

Students learning about branding and marketing at brainforest in Borås.

The second day at Åhaga was mostly the same, except some more lessons at the school first, where the students developed their skills. Later that day the fair closed with a huge prize ceremony, and Sven Eriksonsgymnasiet won a few prizes – but not from the students of the project. Maybe next time?

A last adventure before departure
The last day of the project was spent first at Brainforest, a design company working in Borås. The students learned about design and marketing – and the Norwegian students made a movie about design – for a part of the material that will be included in the project for Erasmus+. The other students enjoyed some shopping, before all the students joined up at the bus station for a ride to Gøteborg.

There the students got to visit the actual rain forest in the Universum, a technological playground with an indoor rain forest. Some of the students and teachers decided to take a walk in the city afterwards, before returning home to Borås, for a last night at a youth resort for a farewell dinner and talks. After exchanging presents and last goodbyes – the students and teachers where sad to say goodbye.

Before leaving from Gøteborg, the students had to decide who was the best entrepreneurs.

Next up Norway
Later this year the next team of students – and hopefully the same teachers – will go to Norway in Førde for the next mobility. Here the theme will be ICT and digital communication. Before the students was in Spain to learn about creativity in business design.

It was a very rewarding mobility, and to much happened to summarize in a short blog. Still it was a travel worth telling about, and the skills the students learned from the teahers and students at Sven Eriksonsgymnasiet – show that the Erasmus+ project is an important project for international skill building.

NB! As a last surprise of the saturday 18th of March – my students met and was able to take a selfie with the artist in the band Marcus and Martinus at Coopenhagen Airport. The Norwegian hit band had a conzert in Denmark that day, and appeared out of the same gate as we where about to depart. Talk about coincidence – and happy students.