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I was challenged to write a blog about why I blog. So, challenge excepted! The answer to why I blog is simply, because I love to communicate.

At the same time I love to read, watch, listen and learn. Blogs open worlds of knowledge, and let skilled educators, learners and people of insight – express, argue and learn from each other. What I have to offer in that regard, might be a harder question to answer.

Why to blog?

Karl Philip on the blog have some great reasons for why to blog – especially if you are a student. To summarize, you get skilled in communication, takes control of your own identity on Google, learn how to market yourself and your ideas – and maybe you get discovered a future employer?

To find good illustrations that you have copyright on is one challenge. A solution is to take all the images yourself, and allways ask the people you take pictures of – for legal use.

I think that one of the best reasons to blog is because you will learn new things, and you will be more skilled in using text, images – and maybe sound and moving images. In a world with so much information available from all sides, it’s nice to be able to process some of all of those ideas that exist – and make it into a new expression. Maybe can a blogger take what exist on many more comprehensible

Why not to blog?

So there are many reasons for blogging. So are there reasons not to blog? Sure there are: You put yourself out there for all to see, and maybe hear. You have to be able to understand what you communicate – if you do not, bad things can happen (well, maybe).

If you don’t like to stand out, or have little time on your hands, blogging might not seem like the best idea. But, maybe it will something you come to grow from. Many people find that they like new things, but they have never tried them. Blogging can be as easy as you want. Maybe just write a few words, and see how it feel.

WordPress have put in their first page “Hello world”, and that is a good start. Good luck with your blog – or continue to enjoy others.

Derfor bør alle studenter blogge

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The short list of inspiration

Below a few blogs with their authors, that have had a special importance to me the last years. Not a complete list, by any means, but a select few that I have read, interacted with – or been inspired by in my daily school day of learning, educating – and introducing new skills in myself and my students.

Koen Timmers – a Microsoft Fellow (Expert Educator) and a top 50 finalist to The Global Teacher Prize. He is both a skilled educator, and an share his ideas online on his own homepage and also on Twitter, in his own book about OneNote, and in social media. He is also a social active teacher that are the initiator of Project Kakuma, where 100 teachers offer their time and skills in educating students in Africa. It’s a blog and social media presence that really inspire teachers to achieve great learning, and share their own ideas for the betterment of others.

Jeffrey Bradbury – Head of and the mind behind TeacherCast – a series of webcast that feature educators from all over the world, in learning and use of learning technology. Inspiring and rewarding views, from many top educators. Also an interesting blog that highlight different subjects in education.

Maria Petreska – MIE Fellow (Expert Educator) and inspired Teacher / creative artist – of all things Office 365. Writes her blogg on She use illustration in her teachings to engage and inspire her students. Her blog have many ideas and lessons that show her skill as a planner and educator. Also a strong presence on Twitter.

Kurt Söser  a creative and skilled educator with many tips about digital tools and how to use them. Allways up to date with the latest tools and trends. Also an active Twitter user.

Mally Johnsen – norsk digital lærar med lang fartstid innan OneNote i skulen. Master i IKT i læring, og aktive mikroblogger med Twitter. Mange gode tankar, og ein visuell blogg som er inspirerande å lese.

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